Saturday, 18 February 2012

fucked it up and coud not care less

this week had thought enough was enough with having windows on the laptop,it was dual boot and also host to a ton of linux and BSD distros via virtual machine but windows has just been a power hog.

have had dads USB stick in the laptop bag for ages, and just thought this week- why not delete his stuff on it as he has it all backed up elsewhere anyway,and make the USB a bootable linux to format the lot and start again,then stick his stuff back on it at the weekend when at his-a easy project so had thought.

had installed unetbootin on windows,and tried out several distros-which when booted gave errors about not being able to find the image,eventualy went crawling back to fedora-last years 'lovelock' edition,not this years due to how buggy it has been on mine and dads.
felt so awesome formating over everything and knowing was finaly free from having to relie on windows.
it uses the internets most hated desktop environment shell-GNOMEs unity,ubuntu had offensively said the laptop was too shit to run unity,but it runs lag free on mine.
anyway,getting used to it and cannot see why so many people hate it.

takes a bit of getting used to as it works differently to the traditional desktop environment w/ window manager,and it does have some weak points for more advanced computer users with having not many settings available but am becoming a fan of it because it is so visual based.

anyway,had installed all the usual programs and games,and actualy managed to get the awesome game-yofrankie to finaly work as well except it was in black and white with no textures.
last night must have installed something which updated the kernel headers cause fedora was fucked this morning.
reinstalled this morning at dads which was quick enough but cant connect to his internet cause he has a weird ISP and over the top secure router which wont work on mine,so fuck it-gonna play openarena on dads instead.