Monday, 17 December 2012

goldie is seriously ill

just had some terrible news pased on before.
goldie;a precious ex feral feline baby of mine who lives in the family home is currently in the vets intensive care.

some pillock had left the bath cubord door unlocked and she had managed to get under the bath in the bathroom upstairs and due to rotting wood there is a hole that leads down onto the kitchen ceiling.
the kitchen ceiling tiles are not very stable enough to support the weight of a cat on them and poor goldie fell through banging her head and ribs on the sink-biscuit has got through that hole several times-once we had to fetch her down and the other time she fell through but luckily was not injured, have asked dad to get it sorted out many times but he is the type who puts everything off.

part of her brain has been damaged and she has cracked a rib with some lung damage,she is on morphine and it wasnt looking good earlier on.

they have done a body scan,what they thought was lung damage they now think its lung cancer.

am hoping so much that she comes through this tonight,and her cancer has been detected early enough to be fixed,a support staff made a good point its a good thing she is in the vets though as they woud never have discovered the cancer.

the poor girl has enough problems-renal dysfunction,digestive problems which makes her feel unwell and make almost all types of food go straight through her,she has to have ipakitine powder added to her food every meal which is for kidney/renal failiure and a specialist renal diet which she absolutely hates the taste of and will beat the other cats away from their normal food to get a taste.

luckily mum and dads vet allows long term/reliable customers to pay off the costs in bits, please all root for goldie and pray for her to come through if religeous.

-very recent photo of goldie.

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