Sunday, 2 December 2012

support staff troubles

a very nice scouse support staff/keyworker of mine who is suffering from pregnancy dementia at the moment was trying to ask another support staff; who doesnt like doing stuff or going outdoors- if he woud make em porridge so we can go and give it to the chickens [and of course tuck the darlings in bed for the night].

unfortunately due to pregnancy dementia,the staff fucked it up a bit and said 'porridge,please can go make emma some [namecensoredtoavoidbeingdraggedintheoffice] for the chickens'.

aparently he finds it very offensive to be called porridge and didnt speak to her very nicely,so am pleased to say he has had his name changed to porridge now and this person will be forever known as porridge.

he was a tosser this evening,he made em feel like a burden on support staff because had to go and feed the chickens and make sure their beds were clean and they had water.

he said it isnt fair on staff because they have to go outdoors as well when am out feeding the chickies,he said the chickens dont need cleaning or hugging and kissing,showed him what had wrote-

'am terribly sorry for being born disabled and requiring support staff,this is ems life and they are pets of mine which em only get to see once a day and they need looking after',

he went up stairs and asked a pregnant staff to come outside with em instead,was glad anyway because get on really well with her.

some people are just hypocrites,they say that em need to try and come to them for help more but when actualy do they throw a fuckin paddy about how unfair it is on their life to have to help em,why do they even bother becoming support staff if they only want to do the good bits. it is very easy to see the difference between those who become support staff because its a job,and those who become a support staff because its in their nature to care!

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