Thursday, 13 December 2012

the auntie business is going well

am really not into humans and all,but do have a bit of an atachment thing to the nieces of mine,being honest it was never there in the first place its something that feels un natural but have got an instinct to protect them-am like that with any vulnerable group.

they came to visit today with the sis and mum.
am still shocked that people actualy like being in company of mine because have grown up being resented,bullied and abused by people; orla; who is two in april,loves being with auntie em and she goes crazy when she finds out she is coming-its amazing that she doesnt even notice the padded helmet; she loves taking it off em and wearing it,and she has never once wondered what the cuts on arm were;even when they were still covered in dried blood.

she is a superb little niece and is mega inteligent she was changing herself,recognising language-and coming back with whatever items people were saying a long time ago-it aint the daddys side shes getting that from though,thats for sure. :P
she loves making fart noises and getting auntie em to do them though am told off by her mammy.

she loves seeing the chickens every time she comes here as well and wont go home without seeing them.
today one of the residents; a fully verbal guy who isnt autistic but is diagnosed as such because the assessment was with the family who spoke no english-he has mental health issues and learning disability,and he comes up right outside bedroom window of mine which is on the ground floor-whilst mum is stood there with orla in her arms looking out, and he really agresively bared his teeth at orla and stuck his fingers up at her [the backward v sign].

-this is the guy am bullied by and sometimes sexualy abused but of course its not bullying or sexual abuse because hes 'the mental capacity of a baby',as if-em respect other peoples opinions on it but a guy who is able to write better than all the staff, is high functioning, fluent in complex urdu language and speaks english,and behaves like an adult in front of em when no staff are there has mental capacity of a baby,in own view its an insult to adults who really do have that mental capacity because they do not have the skills he has and it makes light of their struggles.

anyway-am losing the point,em made sure he knew was not pleased with his behavior and he quickly apologised to orla and mum.

onto the other niece- caoimhe,fuck knows what possessed the sister to give her a difficult name for other kids to say when she is in school; but its said like: 'kee-vah'.
she was being in a good mood today but yesterday she had a load of injections so those will soon be affecting the young lady.
she seems to be accepting em a lot more now and am interacting with her more,and holding her now without her screaming,she seems to want to be held by em which is a change,am not able to wear padded helmet around her though because it freaks her out,it must be all the colours dont think they have full vision at her sort of age yet.

here are some pics the sis took today-

also,dad had been extremely kind and while he was up near pets at home the other day with sister he went in to see if they sold any chickie food as the chickens have all been surviving on porridge only for several weeks now which is very wrong.
dad used his own money to buy a huge sack of it- coudnt believe it was the top of the range stuff; dodson and horrell,they do awesome horse feeds and equipment;

am very greatful to him and mum for helping with the chickens,originaly the company said they were going to be paying for everything-they paid for one sack of feed and that was it from what remember,one of the managers then manipulated a ban on the chickens being allowed to free range on the grass so theyre never allowed out,they woudnt comprimise in any form so if they arent going to comprimise then em aint going to respect their rule.

this particular manager tried to say last week to one staff am not allowed to feed the chickens any food from in the house as its or 'the other residents only'-so thats why staff eat it as well then? also found it offensive because em only eat one meal a day and do not eat any porridge or cereals which is what was giving the chickens- em pay money and get funded towards that food so they can fuck right off if they think am going to be letting everyone eat on ems funding.the manager of our building put a stop to her rule quickly.

she is trying to get em to move them to the farm where em woud never be able to go apart from once every few weeks,she does not like animals at all and hates their noises, tough shit.
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