Sunday, 2 December 2012

farewell to an old friend

one of the days this week,possibly thursday,had done something unimaginable.
for many years,parents,sister,support staff and random people have been going on about the very long fringe that was at the sides of eyes,it went lower than head and due to its ginger properties it was far to thick.

as a young child,had realised the fringe was able to block the pain and panic from the eyes of beings or pictures/posters so it acted like blinkers on a horse,and from then on it became a permenent fixture,woud never ever allow anyone to touch them,they were a part of self. at the same time,they caused acute sensory issues and was constantly scratching skin off because the hair was always flying about rubbing skin,it also affects the use of padded helmets am not able to wear them full time because of the sensory issues of the fringe making skin feel horrible.

so this week,had came to the decision to get them clipped off,and clipped off they were-am now a skin head as support staff had to go over the rest of head with the clippers because she said it wasnt at the same level as where the fringe was.

the pyschiatrist visited that day because of the mental health worsening and from questions he was asking its clear he thought had done a 'britney spears'. am now free from an almost lifetime of this routine,and am now able to wear padded helmets full time without having to take them off for sensory issues.

this was em and one of the cochin chucks yesterday [friday] before coming to mums-

and this is what hair looked like last night [with boomer added in for good measure]-

mum was back on the drink when came to stay on friday and she predictibly went crazy about it-even though for many years she has being trying to cut them off! she hates short hair and thinks she can control other peoples hair, personaly speaking do not give a damn about the actual hair have not got any value or hold on mine like so many non autistic people [especialy females it seems] do,hair is only there to give people warmth,its crazy that people- including the bro in law spends a lot of money on getting their hair slightly made differently when the damn thing will grow out of it soon anyway.

and why do people flip their shit about hair,especialy if its gone to short like mine or someones hair cut gone wrong, hair grows back quick enough unless have got a balding problem,people need to stop giving a shit what others think of them.

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