Tuesday, 27 April 2010

the different 'weighted blanket'

Something woud recommend others try,as only just thought of this recently!

Am getting a heavy weight horse rug [stable] ASAP,to use as a weighted blanket [for those who do not know-many Autistic people like pressure and using weighted items ontop of selves].
good HW rugs are very very heavy,as had felt the weight of Jasmines,and thought that woud be great as a weighted blanket!
staff say they are going to have to cut the stringy and sharp bits off, but dont care if it beats dragging an old pissy mattress over self.

Like what am doing as well,woud recommend checking out a larger horsey/tack shop such as robinsons,estate supplies [they have a lot of HW rugs] or derby house instead of buying off internet,so are able to get a feel for right material,and weight.

will be posting results as soon as get hold of one!

Another one,that may work for some people-is body protectors for horse riding.
used to have one of these some years ago,until mum gave it to a charity shop when drunk [what woud banardos do with a specialist bit of gear like that?] it was one of the heavier old style cross country protectors,which covered a lot more of the body,and the pressure these gave was very calming,had worn it off the horse more,than on.

woud recommend trying a body protector out if able to go into stores,as they woud allow to try them, robinsons has a good range but they dont make them like they used to-less padding,more waterproof type material,and a zip up the front usually.

Some autistic people use life jackets,though these are not accessible to self as a every day aid because of the material.

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