Thursday, 22 April 2010


today,had gone out in the minibus got a chocolate milkshake from mcdonalds,and went to the farm.
found lotties collar on the ground,so put it back on her,and staff powdered her synulox tablet in her food.
gave her lots of hugs,her leg has gotten a lot better.

on the way back,had had a TC seizure,havent had one as bad as that for a while,feeling very tired and sick still.

went out in the minibus again,just for the ride..
because of the seizure,and head banging earlier [banging was set off by getting fed up with noises],the tinitus has raised its self,and been doing its thing very strongly since,so it wasnt a good idea to go out in a mini bus,with no seal on the doors [ripped out by the kiddies] and unable to wear any form of ear protection including fingers because they act as amps/speakers to the tinitus.

From what can work out,had been head banging non stop from home almost,to far away,and back again,had shutdown through a lot of it so wasnt always aware though was in painfully severe sensory overload.
To make a painful story short,when was brought out of it back home, noticed the window was covered in blood,and with a dropped can of coke-had soaked the shorts and pullups that had just put on before leaving.

So currently getting over another head injury,concusion,todds paralysis [waist down],and realising have got no shorts left to change into,and its to hot for trousers,at least cats can walk around with their crotches hanging out no problem,as a human are treated the same as some death row inmate for walking around with boxers or pullups on.
Maybe they just hate spongebob [thats the boxers]?

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