Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Have had a great day today.

Got outdoors a lot in the mini bus and car,the weather was great yet didnt get hit by to many lawn mower noises,and there were only a few sirens about in the whole day.

Went horse riding this morning!
Was not allowed to go last week-on tuesday there had been a new staff,but had not been able to build her into routine before she started getting to close,which ended very badly.
So was stopped from horse riding the next day,which set off another day of what feels to self as deepist torturing pain,due to the sudden change,they said it was to learn that things trigger other things,but had wanted to disapear off the face of the earth.

The theraputic horse riding temperarily calms down hearing as well as self and improves interaction/communication,so is liked more than anything as a therapy to self,even more so than the hobby side,had gone through enough-was in a state by finish,broken or ripped stuff,blood everywhere, a split head injury which had swollen so high it gave a face lift,and all the usual concushiony bits added on,then added to the next day,so woud not have seen it as a reward.

Jas was in a good mood today,but she kept biting the RI as usual,had a very good session,trotting and trotting poles,and got the usual frapachino after.

Fed henny,penny and ethel when got back, though had to round them up first as they had escaped into the childrens garden,but we had bought out a bowl of rice,so it was like they were running a marathon as soon as they heard us out with food,they got straight into their home like good chuck chucks and all of them attacked the rice,then they started plucking feathers from penny who is now bare arsed because of it.

was asked to get the eggs from the house,which did do,but because had pulled tracksuit bottoms up to knees from the heat,they all started pecking off the scabs on legs [from cuts],thinking was mobile food for them.
Ethel has got really fat,it cant be from scabs,she tried to eat a staffs mobile phones yesterday which she dropped on the floor,she must have pica as well!

Then we set up paypal and ebay finally! awesome,have finally got own pp/ebay account,the staff are in control of it,but am allowed to get whatever need/want,and it is so much better than having to go through dad.
Today had ordered a pale blue polo t-shirt,which has a skewbald horse like jasmine sewn into it,a new pair of peltor optime III ear defenders as the current optime III hi viz ones are knackered, and a pack of laser lite ear plugs.
Wasn't allowed to buy anything else,but am thinking up a to buy list and have been book marking some stuff.

After that,had got out again,in the mini bus before coming home to laptop,one thing that was mentioned is up till that point,had not been fully non verbal today,brain rarely bothers to switch on speech for part,all or most of the day due to triggers,so it has been a big goal,and does show how horse riding can help with autism.

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