Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A new riding school?

Am going to be slowly introducing a new riding school into routine soon,which have been getting used to the idea of over time.
Staff have wanted this other one used,as its nearer,has an indoor arena so will not be stopped from riding if its raining [a sensory issue for self]and there's another service user that goes [child],have heard its an awesome riding school as well.

They wanted to replace the one am going to with the new one,as its nearer but will never leave it,or jasmine.

The new one is a mainstream riding school,not RDA,but they are very good and accepting with the other service user,so am willing to give it a try.
mainstream riding schools have always been a failiure for self, including the ones with RDA groups attached,but hope to eventually
go to the current one,one week,the new one-the next week,old one/new one and so on.

Havent even found out yet,but am wondering a lot as to whether they will have the special bareback pads there,and allow stirrupless riding,
as am very willing to buy own BB pad if needs be,but do know insurance stuff stops some schools from allowing stirrupless and even BB pad-riding.

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