Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Eppie week

Its officially an eppie free for all week and its only tuesday already.

yesterday,had had a severe TC seizure which resulted in the usual waist down paralysis,and fight to get into the minibus,as staff woud break their backs trying to lift.
it was at the farm,and never even got to stroke lottie.
was wrecked and sickly all day afterwards.

today,was at the farm again,but had had a meltdown in lotties bungalow,over something or other [cant remember what],ended up knocking self out head banging on the metal bars,and went into multiple seizures,am certain that the head injury had something to do with it and not just the epilepsy.

After the long recovery,had to be dragged back to the mini bus,and was told lottie had sneaked in already!
was then dived on by her,so lay on the ground hugging and stroking her for a while,before the struggle into the van.

still completely knackered and sick now,but was really bad when got back,legs are not paralysed anymore though.

on the good side,managed to feed henny,penny and ethel this morning,the neighbouring building is being redone,so they have usually always got their hammers and drills out in the back,and all the lawn mowers are going,making it to noisy to go out,but we fed the girls some cooked rice,peas and pellets.

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