Tuesday, 26 July 2011

busy busy busy

all day today [tuesday],have been atempting to download an ISO of the linux distro backtrack:
but our bastard internet has been running worse than dialup,it only picked dup a bit tonight-

there is a problem with installing most linuxes on this laptop,its got the power of a good laptop,and its called a laptop but its the size of a netbook so there isnt space for a dvd drive-here it is on the day had got it next to the other ones that have had 'accidents' with for comparison:

with no dvd drive,am stuck to using plain ubuntu linux all the time through the WUBI installer,theres nothing wrong with plain ubuntu but backtracks indepth software list is aimed at pen testing.
its easier and less of a problem than it currently is compiling a ton of programs in ubuntu from source.

so had read into virtual machines more and realised that operating systems can be installed within them,dont know what had thought before about VMs but it wasnt that.
had downloaded/installed a virtual box VM last night and installed the drivers so thats one half of it done.

and tomorow [wendsday] because am not able to go horse riding at the moment am usualy stuck in but sister is coming up with the baby and am hoping will be able to somehow get her into taking us out to starbucks but it depends on her and orla.
-it will be good for orla to see her auntie emmas house for the first time [or as sister lovingly calls 'mental auntie emma' [thats hereditary for all of us,emma plus the kittehs=normal ones of the family].

oh,and as well as that,have got an blood test tomorow as well-luckily get home visits,fuck knows what for,they must be selling all the blood theyre getting on the black market cause they seem to be here that often.
-am going to ask for a syringe full to make needle phobics faint,must be the only one who gets a laugh out of injections,watching needle haters squirm like they have got fleas in their fanny makes it worthwhile.

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