Saturday, 2 July 2011

lottie has her own webcam

we finally have put a IP camera in lotties pad at the farm [lottie is the tortishell and white cat with a collar on and her tongue out in the banner by the way],means am able to watch the little bugger dragging all her mice about and watch all her tomfriends steal her food,but have just noticed there are birds flying in and out of there to which had never seen before.

there are going to be her other friends staying in with her-such as the miniture donkeys, so we can watch them all to.
here is a screenshot of the camera working today though no lottie as its boiling and am assuming she is out mousing in the on it for full size.
thats a fake horse-everyone thinks its real when they walk in and jump back shouting 'SHIT' not expecting to find a horse in there,they have these in big equestrian stores like robinsons.
its there as part of animal management,and had been the one who made PECS for it-these all have the names of each horse body part written on,and the idea is for people to put the PECS picture on the correct body part.

lottie has a bed and huge at tree in the hidden corner there,next to a big cabinet which she knows has her food in.

the owner/manager has also setup a few other cameras at the farm but they havent been added to the software yet.
its made for internet explorer only but hate that browser so had got it running in firefox with IE tab.

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