Monday, 25 July 2011

extreme fear/hatred of hospital blocking getting help

not long ago,maybe the week before last had had an incident which led to breaking bones in hand/wrist.
so have had it strapped up with a regular bandage:
its still badly bruised and swolen underneath,and impossible to use apart from typing if fingers are kept in fixed position.
it feels like people have only just started taking it seriously,as originaly people just blanked it but now am being told that it really needs checking at hospital and hopefuly woud get it plastered or one of those stiff splints they give.

but because of the phobia/hate have got of the place from experiences and sensory stuff, it woud feel easier accepting a walk up mount everest at this point.

having to regulary redo the bandage because am not allowed pins to hold it together for obvious reason,desperately need a splint or something,we havent got any spare tubigrips in the first aid boxes at the moment,had had a sneak through them all to see if there was one to nick.

have also got bad trigeminal neuralgia at the moment,think it might be wisdom tooth related cause it feels swollen down there.
need to grow some damn poppies for opiates in the garden.

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