Saturday, 30 July 2011

virtual machine,plus backtrack linux,plus dads internet-awesome [UPDATE AT BOTTOM]

had been trying all week to download the backtrack linux ISO at home with no success cause our internet is shitty,its like someone is DDoSing it all the time but they arent.
well anyway,had got onto it tonight at dads,download the backtrack ISO first of all,dad said its a gig in size which explains why it never got anywhere.
had managed to download and install virtualbox fine-which is the virtual machine.

and right now,have just finished installing the 'shell' of a linux VM:
next stop,installing backtrack in it [virtual box manager says ubuntu as it doesnt have backtrack and backtrack is based on ubuntu].
-to those who dont know what a virtual machine is,it allows a user to install and use a operating system within a operating system,like WUBI allows ubuntu to be run within linux though WUBI isnt classed as a VM because of some differences.

dvd drives are for wusses.

now to install backtrack....hopefuly no fuckups.


only problem can see at the moment is the resolution,as can see from this screenshot the window is to small,to knackered to think what its to do with right now,will continue on it tomorow.

-backtrack is fucking awesome woud seriously recommend it,didnt expect to find this much software on hand,its aimed specificaly at hackers,more so penetration testing which is the area of hacking am into.
the latest backtrack is a bit buggy,especialy in sixty four bit but they will have that sorted in no time unlike microsoft.
if anyone wants to download it,go to:
-and virtual box can be gotten here:


thought had edited this in the week.
was having a mess about with BT, and realised they had to have guest drivers installed which fixed the resolution straight away.
the last problem is with wireless cause its seeing the internet as coming from ethernet which is wrong and the wireless card [an atheros] doesnt exist.
the internet still works as ethernet so fuck knows what is going on,this is first time using VMs so
dealing with this stuff as go along.

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