Friday, 29 July 2011

we have a fief on the farm

have suspected it for a long time,but today we suspect no more,thanks to our ip-camera.

lotties semi ferral tomfriend,whos is this fellow:


was spotted on camera stuffing himself with lotties fud whilst she had followed staff out of the stable for some company.
proofs here:

speaking of which,lottie has just been brought to the vet with suspicion of worms as she has lost weight but this is probably a big part of it,naughty kai.
....cant blame him though he is a greedy boy.

another thing as well,we has a new addition to the farm-if look in the corner of the camera screenshot,will see a black shetland pony.
apparently he is a stallion though dont believe that because he is to calm and gentle.
very friendly boy,dont know his name as he isnt mine,wish he was mine though shetlands are awesome.
heres a screeny of him from the camera:

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