Sunday, 17 July 2011

shoud have gone to specsavers

this morning,was watching recorded family guy on dads tv when there was a quite loud bang.
had seen something dropping straight to the floor,it was obviously a bird because that window has a big problem with reflecting the outdoors making it look like its ok to fly through.
had ran out quickly because of the cats;thought it was a pigeon but it was a tiny little bird,dad said its a tiny green finch,he thinks might be a baby.
he said its gone,and will have gone as soon as it hit the window.

dad has special stickers on the window sold by the RSPB [royal society for the protection of birds] which is supposed to show birds its solid but there has been loads of birds fly into it over the years,often one of the cats woud be underneath at the time to.

am not affected by hearing of human injury but animals is another thing,we are burying the bird later when dad can get off his arse.

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