Friday, 1 July 2011

concussion and a virus-buy one get one free

since last sunday,have been doing some quite heavy head banging,to the point have got some quite serious concussion and evil pain from it.
every day have been getting fed up with it as have got no other painkillers than the one.

the concussion had caused a loss of memory,am not able to remember any time from last week,even though have been told about a trip to wales we went on and have got the photos to prove it to self,can remember some of the weekend and a little of this week.
it has affected the speech that have got,making it slurred,had forgotten a lot of language after the worst bang to though a lot of that came back after the next day or so.
it has affected balance,especially earlier in the week was all over the fucking place, having to hold on,am extremely exhausted,feel like am going to puke at differing points [not constant but its random when it suddenly comes on].

had not been able to do horse riding this week as wasnt even able to put the helmet on due to the injuries let alone go out as felt so exhausted and sick.

so the gp had been called and had thought he woud give a extra painkiller,but he told staff that he wasnt going to bother coming out but thought it was a virus which was triggering some of it,and prescribed some form of penicilin antibiotic on the day;have to take it for a week,no extra painkiller though its fucking horrible.

had not been wearing the protective helmet when head banging as it was night time and have usually got it off then as its to hot and itchy so always give it a break.
it ended up causing a few splits to head,a lot of skull swelling,a black eye and was also knocked out as is the usual aim,probably one of the bloodiest injuries its been in a while.
took this photo as it is right now,its dark but can just about see it from the middle of the forehead/fringe bit stretching to near the back:

not able to wear the padded helmet currently because of the injuries,need to wait for the fuckers to heal up.

cant wait to see biscuit/goldie at the weekend,nothing more precious than those girls apart from other kittehs maybe.

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