Wednesday, 28 November 2012

some good firefox addons-learning disabled friendly

the other day,had spent a lot of time just browsing firefox add ons and found some which have really helped with issues such as understanding language, and removing comments which have 'retard' written in them because am not in the best mental state to cope with it right now.
had originaly been looking for a addon which coud change language to symbols-in the same way the company widgit once did with a now discontinued browser of theirs but it seems no one has made one as yet.

anyway,incase anyone else hasnt seen these before and woud benefit from them-

comment snob:
this addon allows people to censor any words they want,if are not a fan of seeing learning disability slurs like retard constantly then its a good one to add.

kitadic is amazing,am able to put the mouse over a word hold ctrl and left click it gives an easy read definition of what the word means.

left sensory/information overloaded by flash videos that automaticaly load? photosensitive epileptic? install flashblock,it stops any videos from loading including any flash ads and requires one click in the middle of it to load it,very useful.

to trusting of links? assume people are being truthful? this addon is very helpful it gives a screenshot of the site behind each link when hovering over the link as well as information about it.

shit short term memory? quick note does the job for when anything pops up in head that needs writing down, it has a little icon at the top of the browser so it is easily accessed.

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