Friday, 13 September 2013

a chicken flavoured week

 this week has been a very chicken themed week for self, firstly on tuesday had to bring kanner, this handsome cuckoo maran fella [a very old photo]named after leo kanner-

to the vets,theres only one in the whole of the north of england that allows chickens in and am lucky we are near it,the ark vets in cheshire.
he has killed seven hens in his field including the beloved seven year old henny of mine because his beak was ultra sharp so he needed debeaking, its a painless procedure-the beak is like the nails on humans,it just involves taking the sharp edge of but giving them a point for normal pecking.
it was funny getting him into the cat box head first with people in the vets wondering what that big feathery ass hanging out the grill on the cage was,he wasnt pleased....but a few roasted meal worms later and all was forgiven.

next,had managed to hold dexter; the only surviving japanese cochin cockerel of mine after the chicken kidnapping in june,and to be able to be able to catch him is somewhat of a feat,he has lost a load of weight since living at the farm as the chickens needs seem to be a bit neglected by the animal staff there so am hoping to go a lot more to look after them but its a petrol/money issue that gets in the way.

 -em in a sensory feedback trance from stroking dexters huge wattles.

 and then there was temple-or mrs templeton to her friends.
the poor lady is doing her once a year moulting at the moment,which means they look like theyve been dragged through a huge bush backwards and they dont lay eggs during this stage,temple being the broody sort was missing her eggs and even tried to hatch the fake ones had bought for her from chelford farm supplies.
so to cheer her up,had got a spade and began a search for worms in the raised plant boxes-worms being her most favourite thing in the world,she helped by supervising the work perched on top of neck,which made things a bit difficult must say.
there were many clinicaly obese juicy worms to be found,the other girls only managed to get the short skinny ones before temple coud get her beak in and snatch them away.

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