Sunday, 22 September 2013

chicken therapy

believe it or not,but it exists,and am not talking about mine.

recently,had began going out for walks [or rolls in ems case] with staffs localy,and had come across a huge garden next to a house full of chickens free ranging.
one day had walked past,heard baby chick noises and echolalicaly began repeating them back not realising the sound was doing...suddenly many,many chicks came running over the hill with two hens closely followed behind them it looked like a war time battle,its the first time had ever seen chicks free ranging.

being the chicken obsessed sort,and thinking these were abandoned/not looked after [we are in a bit of a shit tip of a village after all] had started bringing along some posh chicken pellets of mine to feed them and had soon built up a relationship with them,was even been followed around by a ginger little chuck [everyone says she might think we are related,being ginger an all,lol].
then,one day; a lady said not to give them the pellets because they were already on a balanced diet...she realised am chicken crazy given was treating her birds better than anyone and was wearing a t shirt with a cockerel on and a special needs adult bib made out of chicken fabric- she got talking to staff about what exactly she does,she realised which residential home was from without staff having to mention a word,and without further delay she mentioned the project she runs.
well bird therapy to be exact,-for disabled people,its not just chickens she keeps,all sorts of exotics to.

she asked if woud like to come down for therapy-was flapping and sqwarking more than those hens.
staff also asked if em was allowed to come and help her with cleaning them,and she agreed to it once we get all the formal stuff out the way.
how amazing is that? was only saying last week that why has no one invented a chicken therapy service,every autistic who thinks cats are the best therapy shoud try chickens to.
the photos arent great but here are some taken of the chucks on a staffs phone-

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