Wednesday, 18 September 2013

a random day

though earlier on was awful,due to being attacked by a resident then feeling like he was going to do it any moment again, as well as severe sensory overload from several residents.
after we got out though had a great day today.
ordered the new motability car; a one point six vauxhall zafira design,it is in 'atomic grey' colour which is like a dirty grey;its very nice.

then we went to the trafford centre, instead of being a selfish git and getting a neros coffee, had decided to buy orla; one of the nieces of mine a present,in the two plus years she has been here have never been able to afford to buy her a present and kids hate any relatives that dont buy them stuff so had bought orla a 'something special' sticker book,and a disney baking series magazine which comes with some free mickey mouse and winey the poo cookie/cake making accessories, the sister loves baking all the time so had decided to throw this in as a present as well as orla loves disney and woud love some mickey mouse cookies if not other forms of baking used in it [if sister whinged about it not being healthy enough] or she coud even use it as a tool for shaping bread to make it more interesting for orla.

also found out about a new grant, am going to be applying to it for a new sports wheelchair as am desperate to take up sports,impossible to do that with normal wheels.

 ^the presents for orla

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