Monday, 9 September 2013

learning disability activism

most people who read this blog know am learning disabled [the UK definition for what america calls intelectual disability],and probably to a lesser level know am involved in learning disability and autism activism-online and offline.

due to all the stuff thats gone on recently,it has stopped some projects of mine from happening but am begining to start them finaly.
project A is making a group of pictorial based easy read books for people with learning disability especialy; based on tasks that they may face in their life; or things they may want to do but theres no adapted information for them.

project B is pretty damn awesome-being a quality checker of busineses in terms of how they acomodate autism and learning disability; particulary to those of us with more severe or profound needs/difficulties.
am going to be making a set of questions and going to businesses/places and questioning them on it to see firstly what they woud do to accomodate customers with autism and/or LD,and also their understanding of autism and/or LD,plus hopefuly leave them some information on each disability to show how much they vary between us all.
--if anyone has got any good questions they woud like adding to the list,please comment.
we will give feedback back to the businesses on any improvements we can suggest and with their consent am going to be making a online database of all the businesses who are what we can definitely call autism and learning disability friendly-this is so parents,carers etc can safely know where to take their child/service user,or where individuals themselves can choose to go safe in the knowledge theyre not going to have access issues.

project C is going to be a activism and self empowerment group for people with autism [of any form or severity] and/or LD,the idea will be for people to get things off their minds,know they got someone listening to them and maybe find ways to solve it within the group;a form of support in a way.

for the symbols am using a board maker type program called picto selector-its free and has been going for years but having being a linux only user up until a month or so ago when needed the new laptop; had never had the oportunity to use it, have spoken to the developer about how much am benefiting from his program and he said he will always keep it free;hes a top gent.
will do a review on it some time soon.

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Ari said...

Wishing someone would do like your project A for transgender issues. Picture books about that. Or picture communication boards to talk about it. Does not exist.