Saturday, 7 September 2013

breaking down 'barriers'

thanks to a certain individual at the trafford learning disability team [and a lot more of the team and our home staff besides her]; had actualy overcome a barrier that is no less than thirteen years old.

today,had actualy gone to the trafford centre,in manchester,not just gone to it-but gone in it shock horror.
and not just gone in there, but sat and had a coffee.
it helped that had had a diazepam just before we went and have still not recovered hearing properly from the recent bad head injury which blocked a lot of the noise out but jesus christ had actualy got over a thirteen year old barrier!!!
am also thankful to the south paw deep pressure vest am wearing,when am in the wheelchair its used as both a deep pressure vest and a harness at the moment as we are trying to get funding sorted out for the crelling harness first.

the last time had gone in there,had only just got in the door way,was wearing earplugs,ear defenders and a hood over the top, was linking arms with sister and dad,sisters husband/bro in law was there and mum to,it was a difficult and painful challenge but still forced self.

all of a sudden the red coat security guys pounced and came between self/em and family; had began to self injury [ie,head bang,bite and hit self],family had said am disabled and thats the reason why am wearing the hood over the ear defenders otherwise woud not be able to come in,the red coats said to us am not allowed in with hood up because everyone has to have their face seen by the security cameras and if continue to leave it up will be escorted off the premises,but during this power crazy rant of theirs;a group of muslim women walked right past us in their cultural clothing-the type that covers from head to toe and has a little slit for the eyes,the red coats didnt give a damn at all-despite telling us the security camera HAS to see every persons face,so why were they ok and not someone with severe complex disabilities?  they tried to grab hold of em to escort out the door in between self and family but the less said about the end result of that;the better.

unfortunately had not understood what disability discrimination was at the time so did not know what they did was exactly so so wrong,but had felt very hatred of them and never wanted to go again, so it wasnt just the fact that the progressing hyperacusis made it inaccessible but also the disablist treatment from the trafford centre as well.

thirteen odd [probably less than that,but it was one persons guess] years on had felt the same loathing for the staff, if they had said a word about the padded helmet was wearing it woudnt have just been a fuss was kicking!

here are some photos for anyone interested,am sticking them up as a visual reminder self;as is the purpose of any photos on here especialy-

was laughing and pointing at the girl to the awesome activities support worker who is stood next to self in photo as thought the girl was going to fall in.

                  having a stimmy moment,feeling awesome for actualy getting in the trafford centre.

being autistic and a pica eater is a double challenge,am using a wooden coffee stirer from neros coffee shop for both sensory seeking and pica reasons,was unaware was being photographed here as was busy getting down to it,after the shot was taken it was grabbed out of mouth before coud swallow. :P

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