Monday, 9 September 2013

socializing with the local scumbags

had to laugh,was out with two support staff walking [AKA rolling along,in the wheelie] in the local community [AKA one hell of a shit tip] as was in need of some coca cola and the mother had very generously donated some cash today.

firstly we were turning down the road where the store was on, and a random gaggle of teenagers kept shouting 'HIYA.....HIYA....HEY...HIYA'.

next,we got to the store and another gaggle of teens shouted 'OI RETARD'... being of the sticky-up-for-self sort,had gone into fight or flight mode but was unable to walk at the time,and then was told the store was closing soon which became of more importance than giving a little shit of a teenager a thrashing,plus to be fair it woudnt have been a good result if had done it because we were right opposite the local cop shop. :P

anyway,RETARD- one [got two packs of coca cola cans,bag of crisps and some milky way choc], LOCAL JUNKIES TO BE- zero.

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