Sunday, 29 September 2013

an autism endorsed cat lovers thread

cats are probably the most celebrated thing besides trains by autistic people,and being one of those crazy cat ladies have taken it upon self to make a list of the best famous kittehs incase anyone hasnt come across them yet.

all of these are favourites of mine,and have got them liked/on the facebook news feed to keep updated on them,unfortunately scarlett was PTS having developed cancer from carcinogens in a now banned cat food a while ago though but her incredible legacy still goes on.

have fun 'liking' them all on facebook!

scarlett; the heroic cat who got badly burned whilst saving her kittens one by one from a burning building;

chase;no face, a cat that had his face skin ripped off as a kitten in a car accident,and that now works as an advocat in disability

colonel meow:

justin;fire survivor,a cat that got set on fire by a scumbag of a humanbeing

lil bub,a cat that looks photoshopped due to their unusual looks but is actualy disabled

corky,a cat that suffers with a unusual severe physical disability

grumpy cat:

hamilton; the hipster cat

spangles; the cross eyed cat

anakin;a cat born without a pelvis or rear legs

shorty; a cat with dwarfism

the little kitty that coud, a cat that was born blind and has a severe physical disability in her rear legs

sam has eye brows

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