Sunday, 27 January 2013

a rant at the up and coming DSM

something thats been bothering for a while....the arguments in the autistic community against the autism changes in the new DSM manual.

have read reports from various so called experts saying that people with aspergers do not want to be lumped in with those of us who have classic autism.
lumped in....ugh.
firstly what makes them assume those of us who have classic autism want to be 'lumped in' with anyone? what makes them assume we are a bunch incapable of giving our views?

why is it,all these years on,people are still only seeing the spectrum in stereotypes?
sorry to use the terms but they assume those of us on the lower functioning side are totaly incapable; some people think we cannot wipe our own arse,we cant speak at all and we are all fucking clones.
they assume people on the higher functioning side are all able to be independant,all minimaly disabled in their life if at all.

people,especialy people who do not directly experience autism spectrum need to keep quiet and stop saying what we want,and stop trying to creat divisions between people on the spectrum.
am fed up of being unable to fit in online in the autistic community because of these bloody divisions which give people who do not experience more severe autism the completely wrong idea about us,and how we think,and how we live and want things.
and am also bloody fed up with the negative language that is always associated with us when other groups are compared to us,eg; lumped in.

the new DSM criteria isnt saying we are all the same,it isnt saying we are clones, aspies can still refer to themselves as that if they want; it isnt a official diagnosis so no one can take a slang word away.
am hopeful  for the long term that this may make the spectrum more inclusive instead of divisive,the seperate autism labels have long caused discrimination, prejudice,disablism  and bullying.
come march,that will be a step towards removing all of this bullshit,we need to be supporting one another not making hierarchies where some individuals think theyre better than others just because they have a different autism label.

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