Tuesday, 8 January 2013

serious business in the chicken world

had got back home yesterday from the christmas/NY stay at parents and noticed the chickens looked so much better in their feather quality,they had also put on weight and lorna/temple [whichever madam is laying as have never seen them at it] had a stack of eggs laid.

realised it was the high quality dodson and horrell feed that dad had bought them with his own money,he is a pensioner and cant afford things like a car,but prefers to spend any spare money making sure the chucks are well looked after.

dad bought another sack of it today for them and am going to go fill up their feeding thingies in a bit,as they had ran out of the good stuff earlier in the week so they will be surprised to find they are fine dining tonight, along with their usual watery porridge-cornflake slopfest cake.

let them out of the coops yesterday,fought fuckem if they think these birds are going to stay stuck in their coops for the rest of their lives,they ate as much grass as they coud before staff shooed them in as a certain area managers office is opposite their coops and theyre the one who has a fucking issue with them being let out,absolutely ridiculous.

staff got a photo of self,with two of the japanese cochins who are probably not going to be long off half a year old now,and we wont know until long after then who is a girl or boy as it takes this breed a year to grow into their adult size and shape but fully grown theyre one of the biggest if not the biggest chickens in the world.

--kanner,lornypoos,temple and tito looking on jealously as their next door neighbours sneak a quick rub and and free range.

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