Sunday, 27 January 2013

world autism awareness day

the self and the SALT [speech and language therapist-she is in las vegas on holiday right now probably playing strip poker;paid far to much].....well em and the SALT have decided to put together something big for the organisation to host a world autism awareness day party sort of thing.

come on guys,not remember the date as well? world autism awareness day is 2nd April,as copied from google.

as the madam has selfishly fucked off on holiday have not bothered to send her the awesome plan have come up with,unfortunately as it has her name in it am not able to post it here otherwise woud be dragged into the office and told off no doubt like social services;learning disability team did for posting the truth about what happened to self in their residentials.

the plan am thinking of is similar to auttreat but obviously on a tiny scale,shorter talks and there being more interaction involved for the person attending as am wanting this to be able to appeal to all audiences-people of all ages who have nothing to do with autism as well as those who are autistic to any level,those who may have an autistic relative/friend and people who work with us.

have got various ideas for what talks they coud use including one that seems to alarm a lot of the autistic community-how the DSM changes will affect diagnosed or yet to be diagnosed autistics- if at all...a class on how to deal with offline and online hate crime & cyber bullying of autistics etc....and classes that coud help the community or people who work with interacting with those of us who are partly or fully non verbal; eg, a makaton class.
-have got a good list wrote down,and in fact that reminds,,,need to go boot up the craptop before going back to mine,and get the file emailed to SALT as our internet is as useless as david cameron.

is anyone else planning to do something for autism awareness day,or now the thought comes into head woud like to do something? 
will be very interesting to see what lydia@autismhoya does.
not interesting to see what autism speaks do as they will hijack anything to get their
autism epidemic claptrap across and thus encourage donations from the unaware.

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