Wednesday, 2 January 2013

new years day-project poopy baby

got sent photos this morning by sis.

this involves keeva [yeah,am not going to bother googling for the irish spelling,it fucks the sis off when its spelt like it sounds but thats her problem for using a language that almost all native irish people dont use].

she got poo all the way up her back again-aparently this is normal for keeva as am seeing it every visit or so.
like had said in new years day post; what is the point spending money on nappies for her when her back appears to be one itself.

sis gave her a baby wipe wash but it didnt really do it well enough so she decided on a bath.

was asked to help which was proud to do so being the auntie of this little hairless thing afterall.

sis did the washing and em sat on the toilet and was told to hold towel open and after that,to hold her on knee.

her little toes looked very strange and funny and it was funny tickling them.
anyway here is the photo-
one thing had not realised until seeing the photo,had cut selff above nose due to head banging,guess that is one of the good things about classic autism; not being able to feel pain-OR not understanding pain to be able to feel it.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo of you both.

My S (has classic autism) is great with babies and toddlers too.