Tuesday, 1 January 2013

new years day coffee

ahhh new years day.

today,the sister and bro in law came home from their annual christmas migration to norwich,which is where bro in law and the other in laws originaly come from.
its some place down south in norfolk,people always say the locals have relationships with sheep in norwich,that must be where the tradition of baaaaaaaa mitzvahs comes from in jewdaism [see,see...we do have humour].

was given an awesome present from the parents in laws; despite the fact am not able to afford cards let alone presents was given a expensive mug with its own coaster and tray set; they were all decorated with many different breeds of chickens-no way coud she find something like that in the shops.
was in need of a mug as a fellow resident at mine has a thing for licking everyones cups because of her extreme ocd which makes her want to get rid of all bits or drops and no amount of bleaching, scrubbing or whatever will erase the memory of seeing someones tongue slime all over it,it makes em feel sick coming up just thinking about the tongue being licked onto the mug so yes am greatful for this new set.

sister and the bro in law had bought a new special large frapachino style mug with a solid straw in,they usualy only sell these in the summer and the last one that had had was smashed on purpose by a certain bullying little shit who never had to pay for it [is hypocritical when em have been made to pay for new clothes for fellow residents...was severely attacked by one fellow resident during an incident which resulted in a chunk of flesh being torn out of upper arm-so em fought them in self defence which gave em a broken hand,them a nose bleed and got their blood on their tshirt,the manager covering at the time said had to buy her a new top to replace it....fucking hypocrites].

bro in law also gave a few sachets of starbucks VIA coffee; its their instant stuff that tastes fuckin awesome.
he also bought a tin of spray cream and he made himself and em one.
got some chocolate powder stuff and put that ontop to make the final masterpieces.
photo of mine here in the mug from the inlaws:
best coffee ever.seriously...though it coud have done with some caramel sryup.

also helped sister give a keeva a clean up in the bath,her name is spelt differently but really cannot be bothered going to google every time just to get the damn irish name for it,sister does have to be bloody awkward doesnt she.
keeva had shat herself...sister shoud be saving money on buying her nappies as most of it ends up all the way up her back or becoming an extra layer of immitation arse.
sis wanted a photo of the pair of us sat in the bathroom; will post it up here when she finaly emails it,said some rubbish about 'the photograph not wanting to send', yes a photograph really has that sort of insight to discriminate against individual recievers.

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