Saturday, 26 January 2013

confession-am addicted to the white powdery stuff

seemingly out of nowhere it started snowing friday night,very thick snow; thicker that it has been for a long while,and us lot here were well chuffed.
a certain welsh fellow had just finished shaving ems hair when we realised how thick it was getting [the snow that is,then again the same can be said for the hair].
a short time ago,self/em,another resident and several night staffers were out in our car park having a snow ball fight and enjoying the nice feeling/sound in the air.
here are pics that a staff took with his knackered brand new iphone-
late night snowball fight with several night staffers and one other resident.

view of ems bedroom window,seriously thick snow on the walls/ramp/hand rails and still is.

this shoud actualy have been posted last night, our internet has been completely shite all week,it showed this post as posted and also had more text wrote on it-but the text was no where to be seen and it was saved as a draft.
email seems worst hit,talk talk are absolutely fucking useless,our internet is their business/opal telecoms side; perhaps it shoud be called their david cameron package because theyre both as fucking useless as each other.

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