Monday, 28 January 2013

bullying in residential care

this is one of a few posts have written on bullying in this specific residential centre,come back from mums this morning and what did get? bullying from him again,on top of that was mentaly knackered because got almost no sleep.

the way am bullied by him is not physical or verbal abuse as such.
its sensory abuse and had experienced this back in previous residential homes have lived in as bullies had worked out senses; in particular hearing is an easy target of mine.
what this guy does is shout ems name over and over and over and over;it makes em go into sensory overload-usualy severe,and at its worst will drop wherever am and go ucocious.
he gets a laugh out of it believe it or not,like all bullies.

am fed up of this guys bullying being excused all the time,no one else even recognises it as bullying because he isnt hitting or using specific abusive words,one staff says 'its part of his autism its just how he is' and another staff says he has the mental capacity of a baby and doesnt understand what he is doing and doesnt have the ability to bully-no offence to the staff but its bullshit as he has spoke and behaved like an adult in the front room before when no staff were around then he suddenly flipped into baby mode,he has also had adult conversations and adult behavior with the ex manager here who was strict when they had borrowed the car of mine to take him home [had gone along with them for the ride].
not only that he is fluent in more than just english,he is fluent in arabic as well as thats his first language,have heard him speak to his mum in arabic and he speaks like an adult there; have never heard a non disabled person speak as fluent as he does in arabic.
how anyone can think someone that has been fluent in more than one language and alphabet since a child can have the mental capacity of a baby/toddler is beyond ems thinking.

he has the mental capacity to be an adult when he wants to but he has been
treated like a baby for so long he doesnt want to change as it gets him more attention,he is from a big family where he has had to do anything to direct attention onto himself.
the profoundly autistic lad who lives here gets barely any attention and hes the guy who gets bullied by him to-he twists his ear so much that it bursts open and bleeds,now the profoundly autistic lad truly doesnt have the capacity to understand how to defend himself and it isnt nice seeing him regulary being bullied by him-almost every day.
he also hits the profoundly autistic girl out of no where.

am also abused by the bully in other ways-the sister said it is definitely sexual abuse and she had wanted to complain about it, had already spoke to a staff about it and they said he doesnt have the mental capacity to understand what he is doing so it isnt sexual abuse and that was that, as if it changed the fact it is bullying whatever way that look at it,sister said it is still classed as sexual abuse regardless.
last week had had it done again by him,no one noticed; or cared.

am fed up.
am fed up of telling people this shit and no one caring.
they can all go to hell.


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