Monday, 25 March 2013

abuse against autistic people in care

where is the trades description actt when theyre needed? there is a care agency in america but guess what....there is no care involved,now where have we heard that before? definitely on this blog many times.
itd be more suitable to call it a abuse-and-take-advantage-of-vulnerable-adults agency but that woud be a bit of a mouthful considering they are using those to abuse the shit out of their paying clients.

want to see what am on about?  have a read here-

the man in question is cameron,he is an autistic man with a very limited mental and verbal capacity,he has full time support needs but is able to live in the community/his own home.
this is where jay nolan community services comes in,they are paid to support cameron have the best quality of life possible.
unfortunately that isnt what they did,they disgustingly took advantage of this mans inability to express/communicate and did everything from booting him hard over and over,beating him,spitting at him,stripping him naked and threatening him with an air gun etc,cameron lived in fear for his life every day and was not able to express it.

the parents had began to notice signs of abuse,cameron was showing fear of the staff,so the parents rigged his place with hidden cameras which finaly caught these pyschopathic pricks targeting someone who coudnt fight back on their level,absolute fucking cowards!!

the parents saw the tapes,and reported it,then the agency attempted to break into camerons house to get the tapes and destroy them.
this company needs to be brought down,and every single coward involved in the direct or indirect abuse of their clients be brought to justice.
how dare these wasters be labeled under our species,throw them out with the rest of the rubbish.

hopefuly cameron has not developed a fear/mistrust of staff as a result of this abuse, like mine; which had been caused by severe neglect, physical abuse, mental abuse,sensory abuse and sexual abuse whilst in the last residential service.
unfortunately they tried to blame the autism;saying am to low functioning to understand the reality,though they denied the autism for long enough when it suited them- because was able to turn on a computer.

honestly hope cameron gets a lot of money out of this, and it goes towards helping him build a better life for himself away from these sons of bitches.

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