Saturday, 9 March 2013

'retard' also gets the boot from the drug manufacturers

a medication of mine that have been on for many,many years has aparently, finaly got with the programe and realised how ancient the name is.

tegretol retard, aka slow release.
am almost certain on the blister packs from boots it still says tegretol retard though.

now if only society woud listen to our side of how this word is so deeply embeded with hatred, discrimination,prejudice,beliefs of burdenism,and dehumanization for us,as well as being one of many labels that has deeply affected the lives of those of us who have intelectual disability.
those of us in the UK are pretty lucky in that we are diagnosed with learning disability,and have had a smaller   list of slurs used on us by teachers,people in america is one example where intelectualy disabled people are not so lucky-'mental retardation' and 'retarded' led to a far worser belief of burdenism,it led to hitlers labeling of us as being 'useless eaters', emptying the many residential homes of intelectualy disabled people to gas them.
many well known old jailed pyschopaths said they deliberately picked 'the mentaly retarded' from american residential homes because they were not cared about or followed up on.

this is why we need awareness of retard/mentaly retarded/whatever way want to use it,it has fuck all to do with stopping peoples speech but is all to do with being aware of how damaging language can be,having at least the bare minimum of respect for each other and giving us the same equal worth as gay people and people of a different skin colour- most people who complain about people using nasty words towards these groups are the same people who fling around retarded to describe something stupid someone they know did,
that is associating the offensive stereotypes of our disability and attaching it to some action that we woud never do.

when was an unfortunate resident of an manchester LD institution,was the first person to go into the permenent stay wing who was on this version of tegretol and the first thing all the bastards said upon seeing the rack of medication blisters was 'ohhhh....tegretol retard....they coudnt have named it any better for her',all of them hypocrites of course because they denied all disabilities of mine due to the fact was able to turn a computer on.

that place was ran by a bunch of sadistic motherfucking frankie boyles,who didnt give a shit about respect or care.
they all stuck up  for each other when complaints were made.
they better hope they dont end up severely disabled and also unable to communicate, god help them when they end up in an old folks home being treated like worthless vegetables.

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