Saturday, 16 March 2013

hasty lane horse and pony sanctuary

meet some new friends of mine,they are residents of cheshires newest support for animals in need; hasty lane horse and pony sanctuary.

there are also two sheep but they have sneaked under the fence and joined the herd of sheep in the farmers field next door,so the buggers are going to have to be dragged back again.
the owner built all of the stables himself and even though he has a job as well he has totaly dedicated his life and money to looking after them.

a website for the sanctuary is being made at the moment,had offered to build one but its already in the making,hopefuly itll have a paypal option set up so people can donate.

am making some name plates for the stables with dad this weekend as there are none on the stables and its impossible to know who is who unless have got a working memory,not that the ponies care as they love wandering in to each others house to steal food.

dad wants to go help out with the DIY/building side as well.

if anyone wants to help in any way possible,post a comment and will get the owner to contact.

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