Monday, 25 March 2013

autism talent

though havent been able to listen to music for years, have come across a new singer/music artiste/artiste/artist? whatever they call em who seems very worthy of rating on TRA.

he is kyle coleman-
a UK based classic autistic; born non verbal but developed full speech as common with most so called HFAs [so called, because am not a fan of how we are lumped into one or the other when human functioning does not work like that],one of the therapies he was given was music therapy,it allowed him to get where he is today with music,he is also supported by the national autistic society though am not sure if that means he is a service user of theirs or not.

please feel free to reply with a story of own experiences,or the websites of any autistic people;eg- if theyre artists,work with animals or do any other form of skill.
am interested in profiling what we can do here,regardless of where we lie on the spectrum or what functioning we get stuck on us based on the same old stereotyping.

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