Wednesday, 13 March 2013

first time volunteering

something that had never thought woud happen has finaly happened.

have wanted to offer some hard work mucking out and grooming for years in a equestrian centre of some sort but all of them were unable to accomodate the disabilities of mine and all but one of them [millers nook RDA,where used to go riding] didnt make em feel any better about self; saying am to much of a risk to their insurance.

staff had been trying to get em basic paid work of some kind to add a bit of money to the benefits also,but they had gone around every single learning disability organisation including mencap and all the smaller ones they were able to offer ,as well as the job centre plus disability advisor and remploy to try and get help with finding a sheltered workshop placement or work from home [putting letters in envelope type job] and not one of them has been able to help,in fact almost all over them never got back to staff.

it really isnt fair that the government is putting so much money into mainstream working when not all of us can access it,plus closing all the sheltered work schemes in the name of inclusion.
its all well and good shouting about inclusion but what about those of us who cannot access it? why shoud those of us in residential care especialy be left to live a life of no money?
david cameron and his government fucking suck.

there is a pyschology student lady am helping to learn about autism every week and she brought in something out of her newspaper about a new horse and pony sanctuary that has just opened,it has five horses and ponies and two sheep.
theyre looking for volunteers to help with things on the yard.....

^webcam shot of the paper story,its a close up of their shetland as am wanting to take him home.

staff phoned them up yesterday and am able to go visit the place tomorow.
first time anyone has ever not refused help how awesome is that?
hope it is acessible,it will be awesome having something to do and be  needed/wanted.


Megan said...

I am autistic adult I hope you read my coment cos you said you met Somone who faked to abuse you ( I am not like that search YouTube for user name account - autisticNintendofan if you don't belive me!)
I am 19 girl autistic I have readed your blog for a wile now
Do you use a dynavox? I use a dynavox maestro and a iPad ( my ipad changes most of my spelling automatic,y) to speak for me I can talk but my speech ability is limited because of a birth defect which affected my muscle movement and the muscle in my mouth to move to the words (I was born blue not breathing it damaged my brain)
I don't think the birth defect is why I am autistic I think it is genetic.
Another part of my autism is self injours behavioyr disorder where I punch my head or legs repeatedly with open or closed hands sometimes until my hands knuckles bust open I also bite my arms hands and legs
I also scream and jump and rock my body and bounce things I love to do
I am not suverely autistic I was told my autism is in the middle like this (I wrote it like a suverty chart from most suvere to mild and where my autism is) -- suvere autism - classic autism - low functining autism -- MY autism -- high functioning autism - asperger syndrome - pdd-nos ,, my autism is between low functioning and high functioning (suvere high functioning autism - mild low functioning autism)
It is nice to meet you (from reading your blog) my YouTube is autisticNintendofan if you want to talk to me by posting a video comment

Anonymous said...

i've just started volunteering here too :-)