Sunday, 10 March 2013

the abuse and misuse of literalism

we/autistic people are literaly minded,the level of literalness varies from autistic to autistic.
understanding language in general is a big difficulty of mine and people always adapt how they speak with self but am still confused as to what they mean....and then the words that em take literaly get brought into it as well;  will constantly misunderstand these words and will react to them in different ways depending on the misunderstanding,sometimes will head bang or cut other times might think am being told off by staff for no reason and end up in a mess.
the world from ems view is always impossible to understand,am awful at understanding words on forums and feel a lot more independant in that way since discovering the amazing kitadic firefox addon thing.

as if it isnt difficult enough without some twatface thinking theyre awesome; many a person has mocked every time have misunderstood something due to literal meaning.....well isnt hypocrisy then that they do not go and mock any physicaly disabled or blind person for falling over?
hey...look at that guy with one sided CP,his most spasticy muscles made him jerk out of balance and fall over,isnt that so fuckin hilarious? 
ehhh no.
now, on forums,they are full of people who mock others for reading things wrongly,it is treated like a crime almost by those agoraphobic little knackers that no one gives a crap about/grammar nazis.
so.....why is it when people are aware what words mean but they write the literal way the person is treated as a funny guy,is very popular for it?

isnt it weird how people can who know what theyre doing can get more respect than those of us who dont?

and one other point about literalism on forums,will people please stop fucking saying they 'literaly pissed themselves/beat someone over the head with a stick,murder their brother/sister  etc' no..just no.
am fed up of people saying shit like this because they then go on to explain that what they did had absolutely nothing to do with pissing themselves /beating someone over the head with a stick/murdering a unlawful neighbour etc,it is a big let down to find out someone else doesnt piss themselves as much as the self, and its also a let down that am not going to be able to grass up some pyschopath.
stop it,please.

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