Wednesday, 16 July 2014

a communication barrier of severe autism; pain

am getting really fed up of trying to communicate experiences of pain across to people.

as with the previous post written,the past few days have had very severe acid reflux and heart burn that was bad enough to present like a heart attack and had been in hospital as well as back to the NHS walk in centre yesterday to finaly get prescribed omaprazole.
whilst in the hospital,was shown a symbol based pain chart by the nurses and asked to point to the one am at in terms of level of pain,and was one step below the highest,she was like 'REALLY?, are you sure? its more like this level,not that level...bla bla bla', no amount of insisting worked and got really pissed off with her.

the problem is,am unable to communicate pain in any manner to other people,am unable to translate it into language let alone have the natural inbuilt prompting to tell others.
it doesnt show physicaly either and am not sat there shouting,the only way it shows in self is through severe challenging behavior when it gets extreme but that is always blamed on the disabilities and not pain.

am in constant pain due to the nerves injury in the lumbar region of the spine,have severe headaches throughout the day caused by sensory & information overload as well as head banging and none of this is recognised as real pain,people think am taking the piss because it doesnt show in a stereotypical way and this is why had ended up with the label 'addict' tagged onto NHS records thanks to a consultant having no fucking clue why am using pain killers every day despite being told by a specialist of mine and support staff who see self every day.
these painkillers dont even begin to cover the pain am in,theyre a very mild level of kapake co codamol and can only take six a day.
am fed up of being in pain and people not taking it seriously because am not writhing around shouting ow.

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