Saturday, 19 July 2014

pulled into the twenty first century for AAC and autism apps

am not having to relie on laminated PECS and limited makaton anymore for AAC or timelines, recently/a few weeks ago had bought a asus memo hd...something tablet which has android running on it,its been bought purely for aac and autism apps but have added a few games to aid as distraction when having to wait for anything-which is a major cause of anxiety and severe challenging behavior for self.

these are the best free apps have come across so far;

this is a photo of tomorows timeline which am able to put together with staff support,they can also make the timelines from the office pc and am able to sync the tablet via the laptops mobile data connection.
its extremely useful and better than carrying around a clumsy laminated board with PECS that easily fall off.

its the best android AAC app have got,its easy to use and although it hasnt become a part of daily use as am still getting used to using high tech AAC again, its a favourite and hope it to become a regular part of communication.

if anyone knows of any decent free AAC programs for android,please post.


Em said...

Have a word with Danni Brennand (@dannilion on Twitter, and perhaps elsewhere); she is also autistic and uses AAC apps sometimes (she has ME and that's the main reason for her losing speech periodically). Her blog is here:

Em said...

cheers mathew! is she on facebook? am banned by twitter for posting on a suport staffs wall.

Em said...

Yes she is on FB -

Did Twitter ban you or did your support staff? You could just set up another account if it was Twitter who banned you.

Em said...

I have an iPad Mini Ret and couldn't find those apps on the App Store.

Em said...

I have an iPad Air and couldn't find those apps on the App Store so I'm assuming they're for Android only.

I use Grid Player which is like a giant digital communication book, it's very helpful. I also use Picture Card Maker Plus which lets you make your own cards.

I use a lot of sensory apps too. Light Box and Sound Box are my favourite ones. I think those are available on Android, you should have a look because they're very useful.

I like to buy a lot of games too. My favourite game on my iPad is Sago Mini Music Box.

You should invest in a protective case. I have an iGuy case which has stopped my iPad from breaking during meltdowns.