Friday, 25 July 2014

the challenges of severe autism;needing behavior friendly furniture

have been after a brand of furniture for years;called 'tough furniture',they make furniture for people with severe challenging behavior.
we had a corner cabinet made by them in the lounge of the last residential home but was told it was to expensive for a resident to buy for their own room,have always been unable to have tv/games consoles in bedroom because had smashed every one had had.

am unable to have a normal bedroom and because of behaviors live in whats called a low stimulous clinical setting.

thanks to being in a supported living care home rather than residential care am now able to afford tough furniture through back pay or saving,but yesterday thanks to a certain area manager from bolton who knew am waiting to buy a TF wall mounting or floor standing TV and games console cabinet with back pay, put a call out internaly in the support company and found out the company has got a number of mint condition TF cabinets stored away at their HQ.
so we went along today to check it out and imediately bought it,it only costed ten pounds when even second hand/slightly used it woud cost hundreds in a external/mainstream arrangement,am very very greatful.

heres some photos of the cabinet [its upside down by the way], the black tray at the top pulls out and stores things,the tv and xbox three sixty will go in there [once have managed to source a damn power brick plug,got another HDMI cable and got a game pad for it]

with doors shut;

with doors open;

moving onto next phase,a behavior friendly chair.
had had a small sofa put in bedroom when moved in but ended up trashing it along with everything else so it was all removed,a single seat of some unbreakable kind woud be better,its ridiculous that these special needs companies charge so much to buy stuff,taking advantage of the most vulnerable.

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