Tuesday, 29 July 2014

managing a basic lifeskill

today,had gone to the cinema to see the purge;anarchy, awesome film woud recommend any thriller fans to see it.

but had also done something meaningful and something am pretty damn proud of,most people wont see it as a big goal but then it has to be remembered we are on different levels.
-staff made a roast dinner for mum and dad today and self/em had cut the potatoes before being put in to the pan to boil by staff.
am proud,no matter what other people think.

mum was drunk when we dropped the dinner off,but she stood there nibbling away at it saying how gorgeous it was and 'amazin grace' over and over,think she liked it. ;)


Em said...

i like the cinema but only with my ear defenders on because its allways crazy loud in there

Em said...

i am new to blogging i have read your blog for at least a year now , i have read what you have dealt with, i have to been in a abusive care home setting i was stuck there for a year and a half, ive only just moved about a month ago from where i used to live (careline lifestyles - st stephens court) to a autism care uk home which is so much better the staff actualy know somthing about autism, i have my own bungalow here with staff its lots better your blog inspired me to do it myself thanks : ) ps forgot tell you i am high functioning autistic but i am only partialy verbal i only have some words that i can speak a lot of it is sign based or my dynavox or ipad with gridplayer on it (free aac app) i dont have a ipad anymore but am going to get one because the dynavox is realy heavy to carry around , i also have self injurs bevhours but its not as bad as when i wwas in the other place i was in anyways hi thansk you are a inspriation to many autistic personss sorry my spelling im getting nervous typing this ha ha sorry ok bye sorry long comment

Em said...

i want to coment on your other things to but i dont know how its not appaearing the coment box like it is on this 1 ? sorry