Tuesday, 15 July 2014

in hospital,yet again

was in the hospitals acute medical unit yesterday/monday from morning till night.
woke up in the morning experiencing severe crushing heart pain,had to sit up as lying down made it worse,took some gaviscon and it didnt work.
was very worried because am overweight and have always had a shit diet,the family has got a very big history of heart problems from heart attacks to angina and mum had a bad heart attack last year so we went to the NHS walk in centre and was pushed to the head of the cue which pissed off a lot of people,was told am tachycardiac and it needed further investigation so was made a inpatient next door in the main hospitals acute medical unit.

they said woud have to be kept in that night and was absolutely refusing that point blank and they didnt seem to take it in.
eventualy they did the blood test to see if it had been a heart attack as heart attacks show chemicals in the blood after a number of hours but because have got bad veins they had to take it from a vein over the thumb knuckle so its now a bit swolen and bruised there.
had had ECGs done and a chest x ray.
was severely anxious which showed in severe challenging behavior, had used up a lot of PRN halperidol and diazepam and then had just decided had had enough of people saying it wont be long until we have got the results and can go,so had just jumped into the wheelchair and wheeled self out,was told by the nurses because of mental capacity am not able to self discharge and had to wait for a consultant to do it,and if end up leaving the hospital they woud have no choice but to call the police as they can legaly force self to come back.
the two support staff with self told them that woud be the biggest mistake possible to get police involved because of PTSD caused by them and instead was persuaded to just wait outside accident and emergency instead-absolutely cannot tolerate being in a hospital ever since was locked away in one for four bloody months!

earlier on had been given two medications for severe acid reflux and severe heart burn,which removed the pain.
eventualy the blood test came back and they said it had had an error so they didnt know what was in the blood,but they said because had had a positive reaction to the medications it was most likely a severe flare up of acid reflux and heart burn,and they didnt want to cause more problems by having to do a blood test again.
was told if experience severe heart pain again to go back again though because of family history and to not feel like a time waster.

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