Thursday, 24 July 2014

attended a cinema for the first time

and it went amazingly well actualy.
yesterday/tuesday afternoon,went to an odeon cinema to watch how to train your dragon 2 with two support staff.
have never been to the cinema before,but had got a CEA card-
before going which allowed support staff to go in for free,however as common with most companies; it seems they only recognise disabled people who have one support staff and not two, as only one was able to get in for free and had to pay for them which isnt fair because they are there to support self not there to specificaly watch a film.

had had a lot of haliperidol before the film so was able to cope with the cinema.
they showed lots of good trailers and woud recommend to everyone to watch out for 'paddington' which is out at christmas aparently, it looks amazing,its about padington bear but has slightly rude bits in it to so it isnt just for children.

the film itself was awesome,one of the staff went to sleep and snored through half of it,her face looked like one of those persian cats-and the other staff cried through it all plus we both laughed at the other staffs sleeping face.

am a huge HTTYD fan;have got the first film and the TV series;riders of berk on dvd and have got toys to,and a computer game,am specialy a fan of toothless because he is very cat like,and have also got a A2 size poster of toothless and hiccup.
heres one of the toys of mine;

looking forward to many more trips to the cinema.

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