Saturday, 12 July 2014

taming severe challenging behavior

in recent weeks had been experiencing very high levels of SCB because of changes that were being discussed.
this week ended up back in hospital seeing the crisis team but because am under the learning [intellectual] disability team not the mental health team and they are not experienced with ID and this level of autism they didn't want to add any medications and mess up another teams protocol but surprisingly they said to take the remaining nights painkillers to help relax until was able to see the psychiatrist the next day,its funny because had been offensively called an addict and removed off all painkillers last year by a stomach consultant because he didn't understand how autism and ID causes sensory and information overload headaches,then ended up in greenways intellectual disability hospital and was treated like shit for that very wrong label of addiction and although had been put back on painkillers there they reduced them down to a mild dose and only up to six a day.
its funny because was suddenly being told to abuse the things that doctors said had originaly been doing.

am now on a much higher dose of the anti psychotic; haliperidol and thankfuly it is helping self to stay stable in behaviour and have not hurt anyone though did end up smashing up bed the other day.
have now gotten back into gaming and have bought several games including 'goat simulator' and 'saints row IV' but am getting really pissed off as goat simulator is the only one have been able to get working the others need to update massive files and being on a one gigabyte maximum dongle at ten pound a time it isn't possible,am absolutely fed up of not having a proper internet connection have been asking since before even moving in for one.

the last residential home have lost all the xbox three sixty games of mine AND the power brick cable which is very hard to source/buy because its got to be made for that specific xboxs date;was told that by a game shop.
they also lost the laminator AND sat nav of mine to,plus many dvds-am really pissed off with them it isn't fair to say theyre lost-how the hell can stuff go missing when they were locked away? they shoud pay for them,they took the laminator and satnav all the time without asking yet they woudnt let self have the wifi password until had used the program 'cain and abel' to get it,it was funny to go into the router admin page and boot staff off the network when it was getting to slow.

am not allowed to get anymore shooty/first person shooter games because of the violence in them but unfortunately that's all have got installed on the laptop; assault cube,saurbraten, nexuiz,smokin' guns etc-all open source stuff.

besides that,am greatly obsessed with how to train your dragon and in particular; toothless the dragon, have got the film and the dragons of berk tv series on dvds as well as toothless toys in large and small form plus have finaly added a bit of decoration to the pure white bedroom walls;a large breaking bad poster-another thing am still very obsessd about.

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Em said...

Do you use Steam? I have a Steam account (I build gaming rigs as a hobby) and have over 200 games!

Having a dongle must be awful. I have BT Infinity so I don't have to worry about internet as ours is fast and unlimited. You should complain to staff!