Sunday, 13 July 2014

disapointing search for a good waking night support staff

for those who dont know,have got two support staff at all times and at night there is one waking night [someone who stays awake all night] and one sleep in staff [someone who sleeps in the office].
waking nights are always the worst shifts to find good support staff,especialy agencies because they think they can get away with sleeping as they often get moved around a lot.

recently,had gone to bolton head office to help interview a possible waking night for self, the lady has a young son with severe autism as well so had some understanding as to what it is like for self,and she said she wanted to use what she learns with em/self to use on her own son.
on the face of it was the best waking night staff had ever seen,she had very clear english-easier to understand than many native english people that know,explained things in a way was able to understand and she was just very caring with out the patronising and gave a damn.
it wasnt just self that liked her but so did the manager and other staff in the interview to.

have just found out one of the references the company recieved from previous job places she has worked at were asked if they woud employ her again and they said no,but for legal reasons aparently they cant put why.
am gutted because really liked her, does anyone know what kind of reasons woud make a company say they woud not employ a person again?

am going to ask the manager to see if they can hunt down what went on,if she has made some mistakes but learnt from them woud see no problem in having her here.


Em said...

In my experience companies sometimes give bad references for reasons of spite -- I found this when trying to find work in 2007; a new recruiter at one of my old agencies took a dislike to me and didn't tell me, and I only found out when he gave me a bad reference which prevented me from getting work elsewhere. I later discovered that he had messed around both employees and customers, losing them a number of clients. The guy was fresh out of school.

Does this mean you couldn't employ her? Was the old employer a care company? If there are safeguarding reasons then they would show up on a criminal records check. It could be that her caring responsibilities were getting in the way of her work.

Em said...

thankyou mathew for rationalising it! will show your message to the manager as woud still love to give her a chance

Em said...

Did you end up hiring her?