Wednesday, 16 June 2010

new riding school

have finally started the long change,to a new riding school,only as of today in fact.

last week we were told they have brought in a new rule,where riders will have to pay for half of their lesson the week before,so that if they miss their lesson they will lose the money-staff asked them about the fairness of this,given they are a purely disabled riding school and things can change unpredictibly through disability,eg-in own case coud quite easily have had a meltdown or seizure before riding,which are both out of own control,they may be treating everyone equally by saying everyone has to do it,but what about those of us who are unpredictible through disability?
can understand how it affects them in costs,and how they are a charity,but dont agree with this at all.

they're also very unpredictible as well with how am treated every week,some weeks they are more helpful than others,as in.... one week they will have the barking dogs put away,make sure phone is off hook,no one is brushing the concrete etc-the next week they will be saying come riding next week instead when its not as noisy,not even a bit helpful.
am getting fed up of this treatment,and being made to feel like its fussyness rather than impairments through disability,as the yard owners son has classic autism as well,and he pretends to have sensory issues to get out of doing things he doesnt like so that means everyone else with autism is the same bla bla bla,same old shit that everyones heard before.

anyway,today a new riding school was sorted out,at least the start of the change,am not on rider terms with the place yet as have to build up a routine with everyone,the horses and the place first.
it is mainstream,not RDA-which am usually avoidant of because of the treatment and turn downs have had from mainstream RSs before,but this school is possibly the most accomodating one have ever been to from first experiences,however they do accomodate disabled riders in all forms.

the manager? owner? dont know who he was but he did a lot of stuff there,took us on a tour of the grounds today,and even though they admitted they had never had someone with sensory issues like this before [they do have someone else with autism there],they were very helpful about the yard dogs and put them away.
he even said which horse woud eventually be riding when start lessons,forgot to get a picture of her as was tranced by seeing all the new horses,but she is a brown/bay coloured cob with a white stripe on her face-she is called shannon.
she reminded straight away of jasmine,must have been the cobby belly.

there were a lot of kids there,because they get homeschooled in as well,it was so much quieter than the usual riding school am at-what a difference,dont understand it either because this one is mainstream and huge,the other is small and designed for disability in all forms [and it aint disabled people being the noisy ones there].

they have several indoor and several outdoor arenas,they have their own big horsey shop on the grounds,and they also have a pony club based there in their own large cabin,cant believe the amount of stuff at this place and its quieter than a disabled riding school.

they had loads of yard cats,had a long conversation with one-it went something like:
self: 'rowww'
black and white kitty: 'rowww'
self: 'rowww'
black and white kitty: 'rowww'
self: 'rowww'
he got lots of rubs of course,and buggered off for attention off someone else when we left.

am only hoping now they have bareback pads instead of saddles for use,and allow stirrupless riding,and if they dont have the pads-if they woud allow one being bought.

am not going to fully swap riding schools,it will be going between both
with one on one week and the other on the next week,as do not want to leave jasmine or the riding instructor but maybe that will eventually change when fully set into routine with this new place dont know.

had hoped to go robinsons [the large horsey shop near haydock race course] today,but was having multiple seizures in the back of the car, so we ended up being local driving around instead.
still had good time being out,got another frapachino-had one this morning as well,was a great treat.

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