Wednesday, 2 June 2010

sensory plans

had got a new koosh ball today,an extra large one,which has the most awesome feeling,and is also scented very nicely,it certainly helped to cover up the smell of shit wafting in the window from the sewers boiling,photo we took of it here-

it has already become a solid favourite with everyone,got it from the website thenoveltywarehouse [a sensory toy website] but via ebay, only ordered it yesterday or day before.

next on the list we're looking at is a ball pool.
managers want to get the organisation to buy one for all of us to use [adults and children],as they dont think shoud bother spending own money on one of the specialist ones from ROMPA,as it will use up some of savings,but am not liking that idea much as it means itll get put in the childrens building,and we are not allowed in there if one or more is off school for any reason,or if they're in there/back from school,so dont think that woud be fair.

we dont have our own sensory room or any garden stuff other than a plain bench so am going to see about getting own ball pool instead for outside,am thinking of getting it on the cheap-buying a new big paddling/swimming pool off ebay or somewhere and filling it with the balls.

padding the bedroom floor is being looked at again,dont know how much of a possibility it is,as NAS said it woudnt work doing the entire floor.
still getting the padded cabin to go in the corner,cant wait for that as it has fibre optic stars inside.

have been using the rocker every day,all day and the bear hug vest every day from morning till night,and it is helping to be calmer,a picture of them in use-have got almost everyone addicted to the chair now,but will be damned if theyre getting hold of this bear hug vest,it comes back looking like a fur coat at the weekend due to biscuit being all over it.

woud buy almost everything else in that ROMPA catelogue,apart from the old people stuff at the back,and the music stuff.
just a pity they are aimed at organisations/sensory rooms/special schools etc,as am always being told theyre to expensive for everything have pointed out as wanting.

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