Friday, 18 June 2010

new stuff

more new stuff going on,this time its a sat nav and new nappies.

have finally bought a sat nav for the car am still waiting for off motability/citroen-that is still being sorted,just waiting on a number as the organisation and apointee need this to finish it off.

got the sat nav off ebay,like most stuff now days,its a ex display tom tom XL,has a few small scratches/chips but dont care as its otherwise awesome.
its for staff to use,as one person especially is rubbish with directions but coudnt have a car of own with just any old sat nav now,it was a choice of getting a brand new basic/classic tom tom with smaller screen,or this better one.

as for the nappies,have changed again,though dont think will be sticking with them for another pack.
got a big pack of tena flexs today,these are velcro taped,which lasts longer than the tape of the tena slip,but theyre more confusing.
need help with normal taped ones already,but thats just with putting them on-these are more difficult, not sure if will stay on these long or if will just keep them as emergencies,as have run out almost of the slips.
coudnt believe found nappies for heavier control in the chemist though [a lloyds],they can order them in within the same day if theyre at their warehouse.

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