Thursday, 3 June 2010

wendsday complaints

riding was a disaster again today.
we got there late again,but they were fine to still go ahead.
only thing is,its the school holidays and theres lots of children running around screaming,but they also had the dogs running wild barking as well,the noisy pet birds were in their cage outside for fresh air [cant have anything against that one],and were wildly brushing the ground with wire brushes.

its no ones fault,am like this but it doesnt make the pain and frustration of not carrying out routine [and what is both therapy and hobby] any better.
didnt even get to see jasmine.
we went to starbucks though afterwards,at least did not miss that.

another issue to speak of,why is it parking attendants in carparks are either one of the extremes-and not in between,as in why are they either so desperate to catch disabled bay users they will harass genuine users,and at the other end of it-why are some no where to be seen>?

the other day was at sainsburys,and we were waiting for usual space to come available in the disabled bay area,when had noticed there was no blue badge on the dashboard of the car we were waiting to take the space from,the owner was a speedy mother,with a young child, the disabled parking was completely rammed with cars,and disabled people were being turned away because of it,its unbelievable that people like this person who does not have a blue badge can think its ok to take already limited spaces from severely disabled people, the mother and child parking was at the opposite end,dont know if this is anything to do with it,the child was fully independant so did not need pushing/holding,how can people be so selfish and lazy?

have been told to mind own business,when pointing out those with no blue badges in other disabled bays,but shoudnt people be looking out for other disabled people,who woud otherwise be turned away from a place if they arent able to park there because some lazy bastard has taken a bay?

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